500kgs type smokehouse machine

500kgs type smokehouse machine
Manufacturer: Chongqing Lead Food Machinery Factory
Product form: Frozen, Smoked
Orgin: china
Catching: Farm Raised, Wild caught
Certification: ISO 22000
MOQ 'kg': 800
Payment terms: T/T
Port: Shanghai

ju1000kgs four trolley smoked furnace .
Apply for baking and drying of Sausage , Bacon, Chicken , Fish , Duck and Seafood.
Good food color, smoky flavor, not greasy.It can meet the requirements of environmental protection.
Completely replace the traditional smoke stove, save the labor of workers, improve the work efficiency, and enhance the taste and elasticity of food.

  1. Functions:●Electric heating , hot air ( drying or baking ) , smoke exhaust
    ●Freely combined according to users’ requirements.
    ●U-shaped electric heating coil to heat up, easy to operate, fast warming effect .
    ●Using double stainless steel structure, thick sandwich filled with insulation materials, reduce energy consumption.
    ●Work completed or halfway machine fails , with automatic alarm function.
    ●Two temperature detection ( respectively furnace temperature and product temperature ) .
    ●Trolley bottom directional wheel wheels with high temperature , non-toxic , comply with food hygiene requirements.
    ●Circulating air system equipped with an electric fan
    ●Fuming System: divided into three layers .
    ●Electrical control system Automatic advanced man-machine interface and programmable controllers , automatic control and monitor the various processes .
  2. Model
    Model 1000 1000(Electric heating)
    Productivity (kg) 1000 1000
    Total power (kw) 24.5 121
    High pressure (Mpa) 0.3-0.6
    Low pressure (Mpa) 0.1-0.2
    Furnace temperature (° C) <120 <170
    Water pressure (Mpa) 0.2
    Standard trailer (mm) 1000*1030*1840 1000*1030*1840
    Four car four host size (mm) 3700*2500*3000 3700*2500*3000
    Channel Host Dimensions (mm) 4650*1950*3000 4650*1950*3000
    Weight (kg) 4000 4000

The smoker is mainly composed of three parts: furnace body, control box and smoke chamber.
Furnace body is the place for smoky color steaming and drying, the upper part of the fan, copper coil, the role of the fan is driven by the motor will be sucked up the hot air, smoke diffusion, to achieve uniform results.
Copper coil is used for drying function, steam through the steam reserved port into the copper coil, copper thermal conductivity, heat transfer speed, and increase the contact space, warming faster.
Electric heating tubes on both sides, warming speed, heat uniformity. Two temperature probes, one to measure the temperature inside the oven and one to measure the temperature of the food, the appearance of which helps us to judge the state of the product cooked.
Furnace on both sides of an independent flue, the upper part of the exhaust port, smoke outlet, the side of the special steam convection port, the purpose is to ensure that the temperature inside the furnace, smoke up and down the same effect, to avoid inconsistent temperatures up and down the smoked color inconsistent conditions.
At the bottom of the furnace is equipped with a drain port, to remove the steam condensation formed by the cold water droplets


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